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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The old "octagon" house

     This old house had been built in 1876 and was considered a rarity, owing to its octagonal shape, when the above article was written (not sure when—perhaps the 60s). Pa was aware of its existence, and, as I recall, he mentioned to me that it was about to be torn down—this must have been at about 1975 or so.
     So I (he and I?) went down to check it out. Not sure if we took any pictures, but I haven't found any. The article says that the house was on Villa Park Road. I think that's what Katella changes into as it winds through Villa Park.
     A few years ago, I remembered the incident and so I dug up some of these photos, including the clip above.

Today, I found these further photographs of the house at an online octagon house registry:

From the Scrapbook of Joyce Riley, a onetime resident of the home:

At the end of an article....


  1. Visit our website for the complete octagon houses inventory--lists everyone known to have been built.

    I even published a book featuring 100 octagon houses, histories and locations.



    1. Should read 1000 octagon houses


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