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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Annie & Roy, downtown Orange

At the Citrus City Grill

Went downtown. Like old times, like new times.
Saw the old record shop, still there. But closed.
So much changed, and mostly for the better. More restaurants. Nice. A place to be, I think, on a Friday night.
Ghosts too.
I would hang out here.
I would.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September 2004

Young Adam and his two grandmothers (Lambrose Cyn)
That day Sarah was helping her Opa pick tomatoes.
Here, however, she is trading facial expressions with me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ron & Susan's family: 2004

I believe many of these photos were taken at their place in Naples, Long Beach.

Young Sarah and even younger Adam

Sarah and Aunt Annie in BunnyMode
Sarah has always been an ardent conversationalist
More bunny action
Sarah has always loved critters, especially weird ones

Christmas morning, evidently
Sarah can really take a joke
Sarah is intrigued by electronic gizmos.
A new trike!
Always the artist
Visiting  from Lambrose Canyon

The Spudster

C. 1993: Kathie spotted Spuddy running across a busy road in Redlands.
 He was in very bad shape. And he was just a kitten.
Naturally, she caught the little guy and took him home, nursed him back to good health.
That took weeks. We kept him in the garage.
I think we called him "Snowy" at first. His coat gradually became somewhat orange.
By then, I thought we already had too many cats, and so we agreed not to keep him,
to find a home for him. But Kathie really fell in love with the little guy.
He sure had spunk. A very sweet-natured little guy. Impossible not to love.
A student (of a colleague) who lived on the hill above Laguna Beach was lined up to
take the Spudster. The preparations were pretty elaborate. I think we even brought Spuddy
over to her place so he could get used to her and to her place. Everything seemed right.
Alas, the day finally arrived and we left Spuddy with the woman, who seemed great.
A few hours later, for no apparent reason, the gal called in some kind of alcoholic
stupor. I was horrified. So was Kathie, of course. She was inconsolable.
I said I'd go get Spuddy back. Off I went. (Picture: Spuddy and Suzie.)
Naturally, when I arrived at the woman's place, she was blitzed, but she figured out
what I was there to do. I spoke with her for quite a long time; I tried to get her to hand
over the brat, but she wasn't about to do that. So I figured I'd just snatch him. I waited
for my moment and then grabbed the little guy. I marched straight out of that place
and took Spuddy home to Orange. I remember driving on the freeway,
with that knucklehead on my lap, squirmin' like he always did.
You can just imagine the reunion of Kathie and her Spuddy.
He was a great cat. Immature, very silly. Always a baby. But full of fun.
And when you grabbed him,he seemed to become a noodle. It was hard to
hang on to that guy if he didn't want to be held. (Pic by Kathie.)
He had a way of running into a room, stopping, looking into your eyes with
great intensity, and then exploding into the air, doing a flip, and then
darting off in some random direction. We'd say: "he's doing a Belushi." Very lovable.
Many years later, a cancer required amputation of one of his limbs. We were
pretty upset about that. But not Spuddy. It didn't seem to slow him down a bit.
A very impressive young man indeed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011: Annie and Roy in Huntington Beach

For a time, Annie attended play-a-thons with like-minded ukulele fans at a venue
alongside Huntington Pier. I went with her a couple of times and took some pics.
It was pretty dark when I took this one from the end of the pier
Huntington Beach is an odd combination of industry and sub-tony SoCal beach
T&A frivolity/craziness. You can see some of the industry here on the shore.
Yep, we ate at Ruby's. It's at the end of the pier.
Looking west, I guess, from near the end of the pier.
You can see Santa Catalina Island on the horizon
Sometimes people disappear from the end of the pier and are
never heard from again. Actually, I just made that up.

We snapped this volleyball game as we drove south along PCH.
Could be ghosts, I guess.
You never know who'll appear from out of the darkness and fog
at the end of Huntington Pier, especially late at night. Boo.
As "dark as a bat"
Downtown Huntington Beach is nice
Surfers on the big scary ocean. It gets deep out there, boy. Drops off like a cliff.

Huntington Beach, workers’ town, surfers’ town, garage bands too
I remember oil and tar oozing from the ground, between my toes, 1961 or 2 or 3
How odd to return so long after, find this pier, these people, this scene
Fifty years ago I suppose
But I’m young, that’s impossible
Annie’s Uke, Annie’s friends, Hawaiians and who-knows-who, transient pals
End of pier, Ruby’s diner, French fries & sandwiches and retro r ‘n’ r
Rueful smile
Reminded that there’s magic everywhere, even here
Memories and images and my Nikon D70, click click
The ocean is large here and deep
Not Hudson Bay, not at all, not scary distant cold and dark
But deeper, bluer, kids on top, on boards, even in the dark, how come
Fun and sun for them
Sad and cool memories for me in the night, slight fog, cool shop lights, sounds
Shoulda stopped and walked and gone inside
A liquor store, old, cool; here’s a corner, way inside, I can feel the past, it’s oh so cool
You have no idea, so cool
Didn’t go in, went home
that's all, went home