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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photos for a Saturday Evening

From Dissent the Blog, March 12, 2011:

     Been looking at old photos again. Today, I offer a motley assortment:
 Saddleback Park, 1972. As I recall, the park was situated near the landfill above Irvine Lake. Some of my pals at Villa Park High spent a lot of time at this noisy place. The park opened in about 1968 but closed down in '84 owing to lawsuits. It was the first track in the U.S. designed specifically for motocross.
San Clemente in the late 50s (Photos courtesy Orange County Archives)

Balboa, c. late 50s

Balboa: a diver, May 26, 1951. Don't know what he was divin' for.
This is the W.J. Hole Ranch, north of OC. I Googled the name and found this: “Agnes Hole in front of the home built in 1896 by her father, Willets J. Hole, located between present-day Walnut and Citrus streets, north of Whittier Boulevard, in La Habra, Calif. Agnes is sitting on her pet donkey, "Judge", used for transportation to La Habra School. Photograph date circa 1890s.” (See.) Evidently, Willits J. Hole is considered the “father” of the city of La Habra.

Friday, March 11, 2011

September, 2005: Manny's heart "event"

I think we were having a little gathering in honor of Jan's birthday.
Then something happened. We took Manny to the hospital. The one on
Alton and Sand Canyon in Irvine.
It wasn't a heart attack, I guess, but it was serious nonetheless.
Some sort of virus attacked his heart muscles.