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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Matriarch: Edith Bertha Hildegard Schultz (Bauer)

Matriarch: Edith Bertha Hildegard Schultz (Bauer)

Born: 1933
Stettin, Germany

Emigrated: October, 1951

Married: 1953

Canadian adventures: 1951-1960
U.S.A.: 1960-

• Edith flees to the west 
• Edith as a little girl 
•  The Falcons (Die Falken) 
• Edith’s apprenticeship 
• Two Schultz family tales 
•  British Columbia to California: 1958-1960


  1. Hi, I read your Blog from your Trip to Europe. I am a Sternke. And my Family is from Stettin.



    1. Hello Sabrina! Please tell me more about yourself and your background! When were you born? Where in Stettin did you live? Where do you live now? Do you know anything about the Sternkes in Germany? Any chance you had any family up in Wolin?
      As I child, I would travel to Stettin every summer to visit my Aunt, who lived in the Rosengarten district. I was born in 1933 and fled to the west (from Bärwalde to Stettin and then to Munster) in 1945. Today, I live in Southern California.
      I do hope to hear from you!
      --Edith Bauer (né Sternke)

  2. Hello Edith,

    great to hear from you. I am only 30 years old, so know not so much.
    My Grandfather was Willi Sternke and I guess his father was Walter Sternke. And I guess my Grandfathers mom was Frieda Korn (she was a born Sternke) . I have also the names Hanna Rabe, Gerhard Sternke. Do you know someone of these?
    I am original from near Munster. Now I live in Zurich, Switzerland.

    Hope to hear from you.



  3. Hello Edith,

    I have some more news. My Grandfathers Mom was Frieda Auguste Emma Sternke. She was from Stettin-Altdamm. I have seen on the internet that Rosengarten belongs to Altdamm. From my Grandmother the Father was Walter Karl Louis Rabe from Stettin-Altdamm and my Grandmothers mom was Hanna Albertine Rabe (born Stein). And as I sayed befor my Grandfahter is Willi Sternke from Stettin-Altdamm.

    Do you know them?



  4. Sabrina,

    This is all that I know about my mother and her family (from my mother's birth certificate):

    Mother’s name:
    Gertrud Martha Helene Sternke,
    Wollin in Pommern, 61/1911 (She died in 1934, Stettin)

    [Agent] Julius Karl Friedrich Sternke,
    evangelisch [Lutheran], wohnhaft in Wollin

    Luise Henriette Karaline Sternke geborene Bartelt,
    evengelisch [Lutheran], wohnhaft in Wollin

    I have some questions for you. Were your people (or some of them) among the Germans who remained in Stettin in 1945?

    Who exactly ended up in Munster, and when? I am, of course, very familiar with that part of Germany. We fled there in 1945 from Barwalde, Pommern (then Stettin). (I, too, was born in Stettin.)

    Do any of the names above mean anything to you?

    Could you give the name of your parents?


    Edith Bauer (ne Schultz)

  5. Hi Edith , through the Studbook my family I'm on the name of my grandfather Walter Karl Louis Rabe and his wife Hanna Albertine Rabe born stone encountered . My father's name was Erich Fritz Walter Rabe . He died much too early . As a child I was told that I have relatives in America , have also old photos and the studbook . Would rejoice to hear of them . Maybe you can bring light into the darkness . Greetings Iris Rabe


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