Monday, August 18, 2014

413 S. Orange

Here is a relatively recent pic of my (Kathie and my) former home in Old Town Orange, located a couple of blocks from Hart Park.
A large tree used to stand immediately to the right of the house, creating much shade. Those notorious crazy, noisy green parrots used to visit the tree (by the hundreds, it seemed). Then, one day, it became clear that the tree was dying and it became necessary to have it removed before it fell over. Bummer.
There was an enormous tree with a large canopy in the backyard as well. One day, we heard a crack and it fell over, destroying part of the south fence. Luckily, no one was hurt! 
This is the house next door. We became pretty good friends with Davan Maharaj and his wife Abby. Nowadays, Davan is editor of the Los Angeles Times (Media Group). When we knew him, he was an ambitious young reporter. Abby was a beautiful (Kentucky) girl with a wonderful singing voice.
As I recall, this house, almost immediately across the street, sports a plaque indicating that it was built in the 1880s. (Our place had a plaque that indicated that it was built in 1903, years before the San Francisco Earthquake/Fire.)
Looking south, towards Hart Park
Looking north, toward the Orange Plaza

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A moment in time (1986?)

Ma's sister, Ilse, and her husband visited during the 80s.
Kathie, Ray, Franz, Ilse, Roy, Ron

Manny & Edith's 50th Anniversary Celebration

I do believe that Ma and Pa were open to the idea of a 50th Wedding Anniversary event, but, in any event, Ron and Susan took the ball and ran with it. Pretty soon, several of us were given tasks of various kinds. For the Bauers, it was an event of unprecedented planning and ambition. Was this in 2003? Think so.
(I just checked: I've posted about this celebration before. Oddly, I selected a different set of photos: 2001: Manny and Edith's 50th Anniversary)
As I recall, Jan was assigned the task of (or set about independently?) hiring the "mariachi band."  (No brass.) Those guys were great, a big hit. Jan paid for that.
I do believe that I was the official photographer, and I must say that a did a pretty lousy job. Somehow, for most of these photos, the lighting and composition is way off. Don't know why. It's not that I didn't try. Sheesh.
Perhaps the highlight of the event was Ron's slide show of old pics of the early days of Manny and Edith's union.
Kathie speechified a bit and did a grand job. She's very good at that sort of thing.

Jan, too, offered some heartfelt and entertaining sentiments.
Ron was the "show runner" as they say, nowadays (in the TV biz). Here he is with young Sarah, a very popular girl.

Oma playing with the little one
Some of Susan's family joined in. That's Ron's friend Tom at left.
As Pa often says, "a good time was had by all."
Among other things, Jan and I served as bartenders, plying our trade from the gazebo (in the background). I do believe I wore a big "cat in the Hat" hat. Ron gave me the stink eye. 
Sonya Eastman and Bruce Con
That's Ralph Kalisch at right. Nancy Miller is in the background.
More neighbors

Marianne and Hermann, watching Sarah

Jan's sister Marian was on hand
That's Jo-Anne's ex at right

The Eastmans

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ron & Roy's Sierra Photo trip, part II

     I looked through the Bauer collection, and I came across these pics that seem also to be products of that trip Ron and I took through the Sierra Nevada twenty or so years ago (we used black and white film, one piece of evidence). That these photos seem unproblematic may suggest that they were taken by Ron (see Part I: Roy's films were somehow messed up during the development process). On the other hand, the last photo clearly wasn't taken by Ron, since he is depicted in it.
     Whatever. Some of these photos are great, I think.
     Most (all?) of these photos seem to be taken in Yosemite Valley.
     [UPDATE: Ron tells me—I'm sure he's correct—that "part ii is King's Canyon mostly, except maybe the waterfall which is more likely Yosemite valley. We spent more time in King's Canyon than in Yosemite. The trip would have been in 1995 or 1996."]

Ron at the falls
Detail of above photo.